Hemp Connections

Welcome to the New York Hemp Nexus connections page. Our goal is to bring together people with similar needs and wants. Maybe you are a grower and you need to find a processor for your biomass, or you are a store owner and you are looking to make wholesale purchases of products. Whatever your need or want is the New York Hemp Nexus will help you be heard for FREE!

In order for your information to be added to the Hemp Connections page, it must meet the following requirements:

● Include a phone number, email or website link
● Be relevant to the hemp industry in New York State
● Be a product or service needed or useful for hemp growing, processing, or wholesale.

Placing an Ad is free. Fill out the form below and your ad will be posted once approved! If we need more information we will reach out. You can request to have your ad deleted. Just email us and include a copy of the ad as it is printed, with the date.