New York State recently filed an amendment that would allow the 10 medical marijuana companies in the state to purchase crops from local hemp farmers operating under the state’s Hemp Agricultural Research Pilot Program, which launched in 2015, to produce and distribute hemp-derived products (such as CBD) to medical marijuana patients.

The Department of Health and Agriculture and Markets introduced this measure in order to “enhance” the state’s medical marijuana program while also lowering manufacturing costs for licensed facilities as well as costs for thousands of medical marijuana patients who are already using CBD products. The rules were published in the State Register on November 6 and must go through a 60-day public comment period before approval, where individuals that are interested may weigh in on the proposal.

Ever since the 2018 Farm Bill, the interest in hemp has grown exponentially, by both farmers and users. According to USA TODAY, just two years ago there were less than 100 state-licensed hemp growers in NY state; compared to this year, where there are more than 400.

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