New York Fashion Week is held semi-annually, usually in February and September, and showcases designers from all over the world. This month, it ran from September 4-September 11. Korto Momolu, independent Liberian designer and fan favorite of Project Runway, collaborated with Women Grow, an all-women led entity in the hemp industry, to debut her hemp-themed line of high fashion and activewear emblazoned with the Women Grow (WG) logo. The show was titled “Korto Momolu for Women Grow” and was held at Manhattan’s Pier 59 Studios on Saturday, September, 7.

The collection was made of sustainable materials including hemp, jute, cork and linen. Models of all ages, sizes and race were featured in the show, some vaping as they glided down the runway. More elegant pieces that didn’t feature the WG logo, had earthy tones and cannabis-themed accessories.

“While the intersection of fashion and cannabis industries may not seem obvious at first, the collaboration was created to amplify the message of Women Grow—empowerment, inspiration and education,” said Women Grow’s CEO Chanda Macias, according to a release. “Through Korto’s innovative and elegant collection, our goal is to break through the stigma of cannabis culture and bring to light the health benefits of the plant, and the value of women leaders in the industry,” she said.

The entire show was inclusive of the empowerment, strength, and influence of women, hemp, and the leadership of women in the hemp industry. Women Grow’s mission is to end the stigma of the cannabis industry and empower women’s leadership within it. They seek to educate, inspire and empower women to work and successfully lead in the industry as well as to use hemp-derived products in society.

“Women Grow has a great handle on an industry that is about to truly explode – and this offers a HUGE opportunity for women to make their mark. They’re all about empowering women, and that’s what resonated with me most,” said Momolu. “We’re looking to normalize cannabis – we’re showing vapes on the runway and an assortment of hemp-based fabrics.”

Based on the enthusiastic audience that the show was welcomed by, it’s safe to say that this partnership was a success.

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