JUN 18, 2019 | 8:03 PM
Originally posted to NYDaily News

ALBANY — It’s still a little hazy.

The fate of legislation legalizing marijuana in New York is still unclear as the clock ticks down toward Wednesday’s end of session deadline and lawmakers openly weighed other options.

Legislators are buzzing about a new measure that would decriminalize cannabis and expunge records for certain past marijuana criminal offenses as well as expand the existing medical marijuana program and aid the growing hemp industry. But the plan stops short of legalizing the sale of adult-use pot.

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Hemp Extract Bill Signed by Governor Cuomo

Hemp Extract Bill Signed by Governor Cuomo

Governor Cuomo finally signed the hemp extract bill into law this week. The legislation is intended to set a framework for growers and processors in the state as well as to protect consumers. The manufacturing and label standards for hemp extracted products have been...

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