Within the next 24-48 hours, New York State legislators will be considering a bill that could dramatically impair the hemp industry, particularly the retail sale of hemp-derived CBD. In short, the bill would create the most burdensome regulatory scheme that we’ve seen, treating the production and sale of hemp and CBD akin to a controlled substance such as marijuana. Such over-regulation would hold licensees and retailers liable for a broad range of potential violations (e.g., intentional and unintentional violations, noncompliant labeling) that could result in both confusion for consumers and harm to licensees. Worse yet, some of the provisions could provoke a trade war of sorts, practically banning out of state products in New York, which could have a negative impact on New York hemp all across the country.

We urge all Hemp Supporters to contact their state legislators TODAY to oppose the Lupardo/Metzger bills, A7680-A/ S6184  in their current forms and/or if that language is attached to other legislation such as the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act. Instead, we ask legislators to support common sense efforts to protect hemp farming and the retail sale of hemp-derived CBD.

If you live or do business in New York, please access our online portal at the button below to send an email to your state legislators – once you enter your zip code, the portal will automatically direct a message that you can personalize to your representatives in Albany. If you live outside of New York, please share this email with your friends in the Empire State.

Remember – when we sound our voices, we win!


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