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Representing the body’s response to injury, inflammation is the immune system’s way of warding off harmful stimuli. But the process is not as innocuous as it may sound. Chronic inflammation is linked with and may lead to a host of diseases, including cancer, stroke, heart disease, obesity, and autoimmune disorders such as lupus.


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New York Fashion Week Supports Cannabis-Themed Fashion

New York Fashion Week Supports Cannabis-Themed Fashion

New York Fashion Week is held semi-annually, usually in February and September, and showcases designers from all over the world. This month, it ran from September 4-September 11. Korto Momolu, independent Liberian designer and fan favorite of Project Runway,...

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Hemp Health Facts from our friends at Seven Sages Hemp Co.

Seven Sages Hemp Co. is in the process of building their hemp brand throughout New York state. Their flagship store is located in the South Wedge neighborhood of Rochester, NY. Their company is based on their interpretation of the seven sages of the cannabis order:...

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