Morrisville Putting More Resources into Cannabis Education

Morrisville State is breaking more ground in the cannabis industry in New York State. Pending approval from college officials, they will be offering a “Cannabis Industry” minor to four-year agriculture and horticulture majors starting in the Fall of 2019.

Jennifer Gilbert Jenkins an associate professor of agricultural science believes that even if Cuomo had not announced his progressive legalization plans the program would still be going into place “This (the minor) would have happened anyway,” Gilbert Jenkins said. Cuomo’s call for legalization, she said, “just gives it another kick in the butt.”


Building on Morrisville’s Current Hemp Program

In 2016 Morrisville was granted one of the very first licenses in New York State to start experimenting with the growth of industrial hemp. The Pilot field is located in Eaton Madison County.

“We’ve grown hemp for three years, so we have some experience and research in testing the cultivation and production techniques,” these techniques according to Gilbert Jenkins are transferable, “What we’re learning is applicable to cannabis production.”


Cannabis Industry Minor Designed to Seize Job Opportunities

The cannabis industry is experiencing a large influx in jobs due to the rapid legalization and medicinal purposes, the minor is designed to help students take advantage of these opportunities.

The minor would cover coursework, production, cultivation, and business. This would help prepare students to immediately take advantage of resources that previous generations would never dream of in the research of cultivation.

“There are very few people who have the production skills, The benefit of having this degree is coming away the business skills needed to craft new products, and knowing how to produce it more efficiently — knowing how to do it better.” says Gilbert Jenkins.

“Just like growing a few flowers in your dorm room doesn’t make you an expert in running a greenhouse, a few pot plants doesn’t make you an expert in cannabis production,We’re raising this to the level of an honorable profession, rather than a back door, illegal thing.” Jennifer Gilbert Jenkins

The production of Industrial Hemp was recently legalized in New York State and recreational adult marijuana legalization is on the horizon, especially if Governor Andrew Cuomo gets his way.

This would be good news for the Southern Tier which is already experiencing an economic boom thanks to industrial hemp.  

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